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Hello! William here and I am into Taxi business for the last 17 years. Early and begining stages were so simple, at that time I was in a college outside of Kerala. I had No office, No website, No telephone, all I had was an Nokia 3310 and a prepaid SIM. Good old days when everything was classic, you can understand what I meant if you are an 80s or 90s kid. That nokia was a charm and I would get very few calls in a month. Most of them were mere price comparision calls and could'nt monetize until I learned how to deal them in a few months. Later on almost all the leads turned into confirmed business, but the problem was the pity amount of money I used to get out of it. After stepping out of college and returing to my home state Kerala, started working for Package Tour opeators. By working within the travel and hospitality industry, I got some good exposure by networking with plenty of taxi drivers and travel professionals. Soon the internet vibe started to wave and every travel firm started to put up their wonderful websites. I didnt have the courage and money to start a website, I knew it was expensive and there was not much of information to build a DIY website and the hurdles to make one was so weird. Offline business was picking up and the internet presence was becoming much of a standard so had to do with a minimal website and a work email. Finally I had learned to SEO, other stuffs and DIYed the previous version of this website. Year after year of slow growth and ups n downs I managed to get a good market share in the local airport transfers, pickups/drops, hourly trips and outstation booking for cars, vans and buses. In 2012 a few customers requested for flower decorated cars for weddings. Slowly the wedding and vintage car hire started to work out well which did put me on my feet when online APP companies came and killed the local taxicab market. Many of the then taxi operators I knew sold there cabs and most of them left for new horizons. I gradually sold my entire fleet and started to completly outsource vehicles. From then on this website helped many outsourced car, van and bus owners to get consistent bookings and reliable income. Although the income is not suffient to mantain this website and I thought to close it down several times but coudnt because of the people relying on it. From the time I started and till date I dont run this website as my primary business but I love it and must I thank all its customers for the support and revenue it gave me and my fleet partners in good and bad times. I hope to run it as long as I can.






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